Monday, September 27, 2010

The Chad Manzo x Nicolo Nimor FUSION TECHNIQUE!

My good friend, Nicolo Nimor, owner and creator of ever prolific brand, Nick Automatic, had some spare time to do a collab with lil' ol' me. The outcome is f*cing EPIC. Nick did the grumpy sausage dude, while I did the veggie-hispter dude. Mad props to Nick for opening the official Doodle store here in Cebu! 

If that ain't EPIC enough, we're gunning for a massive three-way (lol) artwork action with me, Nick, and Uzi Emperado to complete the circle!

Keep an eye out for that!

A Shitload of Updates

Massive updates. I've been too busy doing stuff that I tend to forget I have a blog
and a (new) facebook fanpage to manage. Time flies crazily. Not to mention I was 
sick for a week! I feel too lazy now...I like working...but not too much.