Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Simone Legno a.k.a. TOKIDOKI is a great illustrator, character designer and businessman.
His rise to prominence was due to his collaboration with "LE SPORTSAC", a brand which focuses on messenger bag products and pouches.

the bags were so hot, the black market found numerous ways of producing knock-offs and sold them at extremely low low looooowww prices.

Mr. Legno and his characters are now one of the biggest names in the streetwear/fashion industry wherein his street cred has found its way to bigger collaborations like NEW ERA, ONITSUKA TIGER (asics family tree), and most recently, SKULLCANDY.

the dude was decked out with all his products from his fitted to his damn socks, jewelry, even his headphones.

on top of all that success, he was down enough for a nobody like me to come up to his face and say "Yo, you's a genius, can we take a quick pic?"

hesitantly, he gave me a nod.
after that, the swarm of fanboys and fangirls alike smelled blood and went for the kill.

Sorry Simone.XP

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