Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This was my entry for Paoks Pattern Contest.
It failed.:P


The Golden Ratio is what we call an
irrational number: it has an infinite
number of decimal places and it never
repeats itself. Generally, we round the
Golden Ratio to 1.618.

It has also been used aesthetically as a unit
of measurement in greek architecture and
perceived as a proportion which exemplifies
beauty, perfection, and balance through

Patterns or tilings reflect the basic
mathemathical properties of the golden
ratio as tesselations ( irregular shapes or
combinations of shapes that interlock
completely to cover a surface or plane.)

This design comes from this principle
and that the idea that mathemathics and
art both converge in a manner that is
naturally pleasing, based on a natural order
or law as described by the golden ratio.
this certain balance also reflects the belief
of yin and yang, or the idea of equity/balance
of things, both dark (as the grey areas) and
light elements (as the gold/orange areas); of
which the most basic notions are the ff.:

-good and evil
-life and death
-love and war

these topics are identified as contrasts.
these contrasts are emphasized through the
use of different colors and elements which
all come together in such harmony to
achieve perfect balance, both as an aesthetic
and as an ideological IDEA.

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